20 Jan

Can we approach corrupt weather people with a statement for them to sign that they know nothing about geoengineering happening now…if they lie…later it will be used in court as they are complicit in the deaths of thousands that have died in extreme weaponised weather events…???


Blatant Chemtrails on Local News Time Lapse Ignored by Meteorologists (Again)

Wednesday January 9, 2013 San Diego, CA — All night aerosol spraying was obvious at sunrise with chemtrails crisscrossing the entire sky. The morning sun had a solar halo ring around it and a sun dog “rainbow”. The chemtrails continued all day. Jet planes left short trails, curved line segments, and massive horizon to horizon plumes. Some chemtrails fanned out to blanket large areas of the sky. These formations had the classic HAARP wave signature and other “clouds” lined up in perfect rows.

Video index (click for direct access on YouTube page):
0:01 Today Show National Weather with Al Roker
0:48 NBC7 San Diego’s Jodi Kodesh – chemtrail sunrise.
1:20 Full day photo time lapse of the sky over San Diego. Sky filled with chemtrails at sunrise from all night spraying which continued past sunset.
5:06 ABC10 Pinpoint Weather…

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