HAARP frequency in our sky…BUSTED

20 Jan

I use flight radar 24 Live to positively i.d. planes in the sky when possible. Not all planes have the same transponder and these are not shown. So sometimes I have recorded planes spraying elongated sprays we know to be something other than contrails and is evidence. Whilst I film these planes, sometimes I notice a frequency signature in the clouds. So far this has consisted of an initial pulse and a clear defined signature on the clouds….this generaly fades away after approximately 10 minutes but can have one of 2 effects depending on polarity….either the particles vibrate and attract water molecules to begin fuzzing over and forming cloud banks or the opposite can happen and the cloud particles vaporise and clear up the sky….this modification is explained in the useful links. This is real and
reported happening in many places around the world. The elephant is in the room and the establishment is doing all they can to stop the masses seeing the TRUTH.

[1] Gary Jones –





















2 Responses to “HAARP frequency in our sky…BUSTED”

  1. love1salluneed January 20, 2013 at 2:48 pm #

    Interesting. I posted on FB about how when watching the sky here in Scotland there were loads of chemtraiuls, less than a couple hours later there were absolutely NONE and I wondered how on earth that couldoccur. I expected the reverse. I did take photos of this and I also did videos. Sadly the first of my three little vids didnt work the second with clear skies did, and then the next with chemtrails showed this., It was the day I saw not one but two planes following eachother and travelling in a westerly position over southwest Scotland (Stranraer)

  2. love1salluneed January 20, 2013 at 3:13 pm #

    Meant to say that my videos were taken and the above occured as in my revious comments) 8th Jan 2013.

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