Aluminium nanoparticles are a key ingredient among many in chemtrails

12 Mar

Aluminium nanoparticles are a key ingredient among many in chemtrails

12/03/13 Friends…I have recently been researching the possible uses of aluminium nanoparticles in chemtrails. We have rain and snow analysis that indicate 250 and 1000 times above normal content of aluminium in the air. Fresh rain and snow can only get the alu content from the atmosphere at nucleation. Therefore this suggests that is in the aerosol sprays. We know that companies such as Monsatan have patents for alu resistant crops to combat the increasing acidic soils and result of increasing aluminium, the rain samples suggest is coming from the sky. Since I have made some chembusters they have cleared the chemical artificial clouds and I have filmed the HAARP/TeslaTech frequency in the sky regularly. it is quite startling and obviously unnatural, the clean frequency signature of cuts and lines, lasts approx ten minutes and then the clouds fuzz over and change for about the next 30mins.
I have just come across a reference to Alu nano particles being used for switches and other electrical connections on the nano scale.
Recently, I watched a interesting explanation on 911 from Dr Judy Wood and the use of directed energy weapons possibly linked to HAARP.
HAARP and other Tesla tech has been linked to triggering earthquakes, volcano eruptions and weather/climate control and MIND control has been experimented using frequencies for decades. The Schumanns resonance that HAARP operates in is the same frequency band as our brains.
We also now know that just 5ug/l of alu nano particles will significantly impair cell function in the lungs and hence immune system stress. The rain and snow alu content was 20ug/l and 83ug/l. Excessively high, the normal amount of alu in the air in a built up city is 0.08ug/l.
I believe chemtrails to be part of a secret weapons system, that will force us all onto GMO and force us to accept UN Agenda 21. Nations have been held to ransom… Bush said.”….you are with us or with the terrorists..!”
All wars have been about assimilating nations and culture to facilitate the implementation of a NWO and one world monoculture to control us all in this emerging totalitarian state. I say emerging, that is… it is coming out from the shadows…it has always been there.
Some more research to confirm the facts of course but I wanted to share this and see what we the people think..?
It is we the people that have to expose and share the information with everyone to reach critical mass, to succeed with the impossible dream…I am ready for the responsibility of freedom… are you my friends…? We still have the chance to reject the fear projected so heavily now and wake up the world…we have our chance of freewill….PEACE 4 ALL

This informative reply from Mark McCandlish with a HAARP transmission and they resonate at the selected frequency corresponding to their size and the entire air mass in which they reside begins to rise. Add the influence of the Coriolis effect, and you get a low pressure system. That air mass will carry all the humidity embedded in the air to a higher altitude where it will condense into a storm. You can even create convective cells so powerful, they will create golfball or larger sized hail. Do an image search on Google images. You’ll be amazed. Some are the size of a softball! Beyond this, Aluminum Oxide np also raise the electrostatic potential of the airmass and will result in higher conductivity including many more lightning strikes than usual. The worst of it is that, the Aluminum Oxide fallout that is left behind after it rains is an accelerant and can lead to dramatically hotter forest fires, as we have seen here in California. This higher electrostatic potential can also be used to precipitate megalightning strikes like the one that brought down the Space Shuttle Columbia. This is a form of lightning that originsates up in the ionosphere, which can be pumped with higher energy levels locally by HAARP. Even the Eastlund patents speak of HAARP functioning as an ICBM defense system. And last but not least, the US Air Force has known for quite some time that Al2O3np can cause a suppression of the immune system by thwarting the activities of the White Blood cells that stand guard against infection in the Alveoli of the lungs. See the USAF study conducted between 1993 and 2001 at the USAF Wright-Patterson AFB Department of Human Efficiency entitled “Toxicological Effects of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles on Rat Alveolar Machrophages. The words “in Vitro” are somewhere in the title too– I just can’t remember the exact wording. The np suppress the ability of Machrophagers (white blood cells) to perform “phagocytosis”. The process by which they engulf germs or contaminants by surrounding the target like an Amoeba would.

Another, very interesting link on the effects of nano particles is here at

link to Document on health impacts of alu nanoparticules in the lungs


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  1. dalton g. July 16, 2013 at 5:29 am #

    I Heard Max Igan speaking on Nano Particles in chemtrails. He was saying something to the effect that, They work as reflectors for HAARP waves for the intent of altering D.N.A. structure, has anyone heard anything else of this?

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