Brighton UK, ….Chemtrails Info Day

21 May

Terry Lawton, journed from Wexford, Ireland for the Chugaboom Chemtrails Tour, (co-presenter at the conferences). I came from Angouleme, France. Here we are in town with some of the local activists from Brighton, Bob ( fantastic bike), Linda, Jordon and Cindy…welcome, helpful and generous additions to the “Chemtrails Response Team” hitting the streets, together with our lovely Mona Norman
(organiser and fund raiser)…so committed and inspirational. Terry is a passionate activist and has a great energy, engaging everyone in the streets. Terry has also had a lot of impact with “The Girl Against Fluoride ” campaign in Ireland, which still heavily fluoridates its people against their wishes. A Great day in Brighton… enjoy the energy and see people power in action…..putting the unity back into our community….PEACE 4 ALL

Also in Brighton I was invited to talk on Radio Mernet….Please have a listen and enjoy…..

Also a recent Radio show with 3 debunkers and one of those a chemical scientist….how did the show go…? Friends…..if you like lively debate….and would like to hear Mr Max Bliss taken on by 3 chemtrail debunkers and one of those a chemical scientist….on Dark City Radio on Monday 20th May….here is the link for you to be the judge…how did it go….?


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