“Serious Chemtrail Canary Rant”….letting off some steam

15 Jul

Friends….understand how a situation can be misinterpreted and projected….. the truth movement is obviously infiltrated and exploited….. TPTB would like nothing better than to demonize and discredit at any opportunity….So we must keep our feet on the ground. I am an Ex Soldier and the reality of war and blood for the banksters has certainly made me yearn for real peace, which can only be found inside…. and we can all find this by helping each other and learning to help ourselves…we can project love and rediscover our true nature. Those that become aware of the diabolical Globalists agendas and raise awareness to alert the public will…. if on the right track occasionally get the attention of those traitors to humanity, the handpicked to work for the NWO counter intelligence communities such as the CONNEDtrail science and Mentalbunk ….( Please be analytical …why do these sites exist..?) Naturally we will all, get days when we object to all the trees dying, manufactured fatal weather warfare and the continual spraying of toxins destroying life. I have let my emotions roar on occasion…I am just an ordinary man awake in extraordinary times. I also am aware of the goading and back biting from those anxious to get a bite and discredit us at any opportunity. I am not going to insight riots…. the establishment do that well enough. I would rather inform everyone possible to verifiable facts and see the establishment disintegrate as everyone wakes up…. and people from within the establishment will be disenchanted with genocide and ecocide or even democide. The day will come when these insane NWO oligarchs are arrested and ALL of those that have supported their evil insane agendas everywhere will be arrested…including those at these insidious disinformation/ counter intelligence sites….handpicked psychopaths. The world is waking up….TPTB are getting concerned as they will witness their failure and true freedom and happiness will be ushered in for everyone, everywhere….we the people will have to get that freedom and stand up together….we can use peaceful non compliance when we have the fast approaching, critical mass and the world wakes up…..when we succeed in our do or die impossible dream…we will enjoy…………. PEACE 4 ALL


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