” Corpus Delicti ” with Mr Max Bliss and The Chemtrail Files

3 Aug


with Mr Max Bliss and The Chemtrail Files….

( a work in progress)

The information shared here, is meant to be shared far and wide .

Max and TEAM

[ NOTE: If you find any links of interest, such as the PDF files, please download to keep immediately as links can be broken and access limited. Please CLICK on the images to enlarge.]

This may be a REAL awakening for many people everywhere.

You are welcome to quote whatever you like but please may I ask that you respectfully credit what you want to share.

I would like to add, that this has only been possible because of the help and assistance of special people in my life.

I acknowledge the tireless support of my lovely lady Monika, who has really been a rock for the foundations of my time spent on this endeavor .
There are many more people within the chemtrail awareness movement and we have helped and supported each other and I do owe them my gratitude.

Mona Norman is the sensational, loving, organising backbone to our group and her contribution and sacrifice is unsurpassed.

David Lim and his lovely supportive wife.  David is a  Doctoral researcher at Reading University,  who has added academic credibility,  structure and  organisational skills with a generous warmth and camaraderie .

Harold Saive, from Gainsville, Florida works extensively exposing the truth, he also helped with my early videos and gave influential supportive encouragement.

Olga Raffa and Alix Longman with the Chemtrails Project UK site, who have co-written The Directive – which is a document recording the history, dangers and development of Geoengineering to download and reference and also arranging a really helpful postal service for rain water analysis with independent labs at just £28.

Creative spirits, Jezawix and Niall Dixon of

and “Portsmouth against Chemtrails” Facebook group, for their tremendous energy and prolific efforts to make a significant difference….
Bob Inside Job Truther….with his PA mounted on his anti NWO bike and his late night talks to revelers on the Brighton club scene….truly inspirational spreading the truth at every given opportunity on every issue anytime.
Passionate and inspirational Terry Lawton, a leading activist from Wexford, Ireland who has worked tirelessly exposing fluoride poisoning  and chemtrail awareness in Ireland and was a co-presenter on the chugaboom tour, his energy is contagious, great man.
Superb organisier Paul MAC from Melbourne, Australia uniting many chemtrail groups in Australia and linking groups around the world… Here is a stirring and inspirational video of the Melbourne Global March against Chemtrails….great info and passion

Dane Wigington  from Mount Chasta, California and his team for their extensive exposure to the covert geoengineering revelations   (Dane is also  being the man who asked professor David Keith about the dangers of using alumina in the atmosphere)   and Dane’s influential website a must  visit to find out more credible information

Also Dane’s  contribution to the “ (1)What ? (2) Why, in The World are They Spraying” documentaries made by Michael J Murphy, Paul Wittenburger and G.Edward  Griffin which have become benchmark points of inquiry into the geoengineering aka chemtrail spraying phenomena.

Please watch now  here :

multiple language subtitle version and sequel :

Russ Tanner with the very helpful and informative site and radio shows

….really there are too many lovely people to list….my heart felt thanks goes out to everyone……. we the people are putting the unity back into the community and being the change we want to see….PEACE 4 ALL

Covert Spraying Program apparently called “ Hydra” aka Covert Geoengineering aka Chemtrails….

Here is the information that has been shared with me from an anonymous insider to the chemtrail spraying program. I will also share much of my research here, to help inform those new to this line of inquiry. At times, there are other issues that are linked and relevant and therefore you may come across new information.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE be prepared for damning revelations as these revelations may SHAKE your perceptions of life, the establishment, the system.

Do we the people have the right to know the truth….?

Using books,the media and the internet it becomes clear that there is disinformation in circulation and so it takes time to decipher what maybe the truth. We can research verifiable facts and share these to help raise awareness and increase our understanding of the visually obvious but institutionally denied abuse of Mother nature and the sensitive, self regulating systems. How far should science and the establishment be allowed to go, before we the people can have our say?

Naturally, we can only speculate if this information from the anonymous informant really is the smoking gun? …Or possibly, some twisted cointellpro propaganda stunt, possibly to disguise the truth? If so, for what exact reason we can only speculate as to why,   would I be targeted???

However, we can piece together verifiable facts spanning many decades, to get a revealing overview of the real situation.

The use of ” Wikipedia” is only because many researching will reference this first in early research. I have tried to edit posts on Wikipedia, that I feel are inaccurate or biased and such posts are guarded and not subject to the supposed open source protocols professed by the owner operators.

e.g. The biased view of the chemtrails conspiracy.

really low spray plane

For myself, let it be known, I am no pilot, aviation expert or scientist.  In fact…

 ” I am an ordinary everyday person awakened …… in extraordinary times….

[ Disclaimer:  this is  speculative research , until  such time of full disclosure.]

I became a researcher and activist in response to realising that there were strange things going on in the sky. Even the colour of the sky has changed and along with new persistent jet trails streaking out, criss-crossing and expanding into new types of cloud formations.  Having worked outside all my life and being weather dependent, I began to notice what I now believe is a dramatic increase in these grids and jet trails in the sky.  I started to research and record what may be going on. Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management (SRM), Chemtrails, weather modification or control…?

It soon became clear that there was stonewalling from the establishment as politicians maintain that the new jet trails are normal and there is no evidence for chemtrails.


If the idea that the government would intentionally spray or experiment on an unsuspecting population is difficult to believe…? Here is confirmation from the current UK Transport Minister, Norman Baker MP (2013)


This is an admission of the “Clouds of Secrecy” program, which had a similar long running program in the USA as well.

This program also included USA, Canada and UK….

Nuremburg code :

Here is a revealing 30 min documentary exposing the program, this may surprise many people new to this investigation.

Also, here is a supporting article from The Guardian newspaper which covers the startling revelations.

Would governments engage in weather modification in secret…?

In 1952, “Operation Cumulus” which involved the RAF and a group of international scientists, that were experimenting trying to modify (control) the weather, by cloud seeding.

This turned into a misadventure and the subsequent storms and flooding created, killed 35 people in Lynmouth UK.  Not only does this experiment highlight the longevity of the investigation and pursuit of weather modification (control) but also, as stated in the following article, the long running secrecy  from the establishment. An all too familiar occurrence with the systems of government, with secrets and their mass deceptions.

Aerial spraying of an unsuspecting population does have a long dark history, with often far reaching, debilitating health and environmental impacts.
For, example there has been a link established to Korean war veterans developing illnesses such as multiple sclerosis.

Here is a quote from “Mark Owen”, found at the following link at

(A very useful site for information with links to verify)


In 1946, future pharmaceutical czar George Merck reported to the US Secretary of War, that he’d managed to weaponise the toxin extracted from the Brucella bacterium and to isolate it into an indestructible crystalline form using only the DNA particles.

Aerial spraying of the crystals via chemtrails was deployed on Chinese and Korean populations during the Korean War. Many veterans of the war later developed Multiple Sclerosis. The army recognized that the MS was Brucella-related and paid the veterans compensation. Although the Brucella micoplasma can lay dormant for decades, it can be triggered by vaccines. Vaccines have been mandatory in the US military since 1911.

Besides MS, this bacterium has been linked to a variety of diseases including; AIDS, cancer, diabetes, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and arthritis. …..”

How far can the governmental system (Politicians and civil servants, a remarkably small percentage of the population) of we the people, be allowed to continue without real public interaction on all levels, without true freedom to information, be allowed to continue with fatal secrecy and the evident lack of transparency???
The establishment demand and instruct, that we the people have to be good, honest, tax paying and law abiding citizens….
Do these laws, ethics and controls of the system, apply to the people of the government and the establishment ?
Are the people of the establishment above the law of the land….. or the natural laws of God?

” as I say, not as I do…

As the research continues, it becomes apparent that there has been a real drive to control the weather for geopolitical advantages, indeed it is weather warfare. I intend to share sufficient information here, that anyone reading will be left with a good understanding of the verifiable facts that are often quietly hidden from the public consciousness. I believe, we the people DO have the right to understand what is happening on our planet, what is at play and to comprehend these mass deceptions.

The second world war, as with all wars, has been a driver for technological advances and secret developments.
The war with Japan ended with 2 nuclear bombs being exploded on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with massive devastation to life.
(why 2 bombs?) These atomic weapons were made in secret, a massive clandestine project called the “Manhattan Project”. Over 130,000 people were involved in at least 30 locations in the USA,UK and Canada. This level of secrecy is achieved through a system of “compartmentalisation“, people only need to know, what they need to know. This same system of secrecy could well be applied to the chemtrail program, that appears to be going on, in many parts of the world.

The reason, I bring in nuclear explosions is that this is linked to weather modification. There have been 2000 plus nuclear explosions, spreading radioactive particles into the environment.

( continued later connecting atmosphere, ions, ionosphere and HAARP, space weather and satellites)

( next link exposing diabolical tactics of government-one world governance- work in progress)

[ Note :  Latin root of   ” govern~ ment ” = MIND CONTROL ..? ]

As we move into the 21st century, we must come to terms that government deception is rife and as the facts become more understood, we begin to realise that there is a bogus war on terror

Our foundations are rocked when it becomes apparent that  the 911 event  was another false flag attack, with the complicity of the establishment… just check out WTC 7 and the BBC announcement of the  free fall collapse of the 3rd tower,

WTC 7, The Soloman Brothers Building 22mins before the collapse…?

….and the fact that WTC 7 received very little damage but collapsed at free fall speed as if by demolition but officially due to office furniture fires.

According to retired high ranking general “No plane hit the Pentagon” , likely a missile….

… too many incongruities to mention here…except that the Patriot Act was begun before the 911 attack  and the order to invade Iraq happened BEFORE 9/11, not as a response…?
and this led to a massive subsequent erosion of personal freedoms.

In the UK, the 7/7 event is claimed to be a ” False Flag ” by Tony Farrell a sacked, senior police analyst.

Here is a very well made and researched documentary that clearly exposes (in the first 10mins) that government are involvement in many, so called terrorist attacks. An in depth review of the 7/7 event, which incidentally had a now familiar “drill”, coincidentally going on that very day, enacting the very same scenario that were supposedly played out for real that day. This is in common with 911 (FEMA flew in day before) and the Boston Marathon Bombing. This documentary deals specifically with the UK…..

Subsequently oppressive, new laws and taxes, have been methodically been implemented and even since the late 1960’s, changes have been leaving “we the people” today, with fewer freedoms, money and invasions on our privacy to such an extent, that even the abhorrent Adolph Hitler of the Nazi regime had not managed to achieve in Nazi Germany following the “false flag” burning of the Reichstag buildings.

It appears that state sponsored terrorism is actually the norm to bring about change.

Could leading governments really be capable of such draconian actions..?

Operation Northwoods proposal was to use a series of ” false flag ”
bombings in the USA to try and start a war with Cuba. This shocking plan appears only to have been stopped by President Kennedy. President Kennedy also took steps to free the USA (and likely the world) from the insidious vice like grip of the banking cartel, known as the Federal Reserve, by issuing the executive order 11110.

JFK weather control

The interest in weather control for warfare and profit has been extensive. There are documents pertaining to programs and experiments running through the decades since WW2. Here are a few to consider… (1966 US Weather Modification) (1962-81)
Hurricane investigations (1967-72 rain making)

Here is a long chronological look at incredible advances using Tesla technology going back to 1900….is of interest added to this article….

Owning The Weather 2025 ….

The serious dangers and health impacts of EMF
(microwave radiation) exposure…(HAARP, Mobile phones, Cordless phones, WiFi, microwave ovens, low energy light bulbs, induction hobs, and much more….. explained in detail (please download and save the entire PDF not just the contents)….


( Back on chemtrails and weather warfare)

If you start to make waves about geoengineering aka chemtrails or weather warfare, you will get the attention of COINTELLPRO ” trolls or shills” from well established forum groups such as Contrail Science and Metabunk.


This type of attention can be very difficult to deal with, as some comments can be very abusive and negative but as you come across the familiar tactics, (everything I do on the net , is scrutinized and commented on-  a full time occupation for them)   it becomes easier to ignore the time wasting.

Even the lampooning of” Chemtrail activists ” as” conspiracy theorists” by the media,  compounds the establishments disinformation campaigns.  People like myself, get labeled and pigeon holed as just silly, crank “conspiracy theorists” or

Truthers“.  This is a shallow tactic calculated from a corrupt, distracting establishment.  There are  “think tank” organisations devising the most efficient programs to stop the public waking up to the truth public waking up to the truth..,.  but they will not stop us.


As time went by and my commitment became resolute, I continued to film the abused sky sharing on my You Tube  channel (MrMaxBliss) and research, sharing information  whenever I could and now it appears I have developed a welcome following:    thank you my friends.

Using flight radar, we can positively I.D. many of the planes, 25% are not on this system and many people now archive likely spray flights, using high power video cameras in conjunction
(cheap good quality- Panasonic SDR S26) we can use flight radar to confirm the bogey.

zigzag flight path


When I received the emails from the  anonymous insider , although excited at the prospect, I was skeptical at first.  I  started to research and began to believe my insider to be genuine, these days it is hard to know for sure. The in depth information shared was perplexing and convincing, which supported a lot of my own research. That is why I believe that it must be shared far and wide.
In fact, it has led me to some fresh research which has helped build up more of the picture ….if this is a hoax…it is a tight gambit, possibly to expose the truth with a hoax humiliation,  so that no one else will go there…?  However, genuine  insider or not,  these emails seem to be helping expose the facts :  that chemtrails are real and  strongly indicates the likely use of trimethylaluminum as  a key part of the chemtrail ingredients.

We would like people from within the industry to HELP us and speak out.

It is time, we will keep your identity confidential.

We have had sponsors step forward and we will be offering hair or finger nail tests for frequent flyers and air crew that may be concerned about aero-toxic syndrome , which could possibly be the neuro-toxicity effects of frequently flying through chemtrail contaminated air,…is ” aero-toxic syndrome” a cover for chemtrail side effects…? It is likey, ” Aero-toxic Syndrome” will be renamed to ” Chemtrail Aero-toxic Syndrome ” if confirmed to be the case.

Hair or finger nail samples can reasonably establish if frequent flyers have been exposed to higher than average toxins over a period of time.
If you are a frequent flyer please contact us for details of tests with anonymity at

I am sure some flight and cabin crew do not know of Aero-toxic syndrome but some do, so please contact us to help establish the facts. Pilots have died and many are chronically ill.

I have talked to a leading researcher into aero-toxic syndrome  (who is also an ex-commercial airline pilot)  and they have confided with me at length, that they knew of the chemtrail program and that it has been running for  many years. However, their line of inquiry was to isolate a specific exotic ingredient connected to the engines.  Although entusiastically agreeing to start testing for Alu and Ba, the costs have been prohibitive and deferred to the clients and there has not been   any testing done, so that no confirmation has come from their investigations.  This is unfortunate and very disappointing and  this is why, we are beginning tests on frequent flyers ourselves,  by using hair and finger nail samples to establish the long term exposure to neuro toxins described for use with Solar Radiation Management in geoengineering, aka chemtrails.

The UK government are pushing geoengineering  , in particular Solar Radiation Management (spraying  reflective nano particles of metals into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s heat)  and we the people pay for this and have the power to stop this insanity.

Neuro toxic effects of chemtrail toxins…..

Many of the incidents being attributed to aero-toxic syndrome began to be reported at the same time concerned people started to report chemtrails.

The cabin air is drawn from outside air in the atmosphere and mixed with recirculated air. Therefore, if there are toxic nano particles from covert spraying or even fuel exhaust suspended in the atmosphere and planes fly in regular flight corridors, then in that case the cabin air might be contaminated from chemtrails ?

We are looking for volunteers to establish the facts, would frequent flyers continue, if the facts are conclusive that toxins are having a serious detrimental health impact…?
There are chelating programs to help remove these heavy metal nuero toxins.

Reports of investigations that cabin crew have a higher incidence of cancer….(many of the ingredients reported to be used in chemtrails have investigations that suggest they are carcinogenic)

Cosmic radiation or the EMF grid encircling the Earth from over 50 reported ionospheric heaters world wide, such as HAARP…?

Many investigations do not yet specifically look for the effects of the possible chemtrail ingredients although there are some…

* (admission of Alu NP in jet fuels and harmful, accumulative effects on immune system)  (vaccines, gulf war syndrome, aluminum )

The rain water analysis from many activists around the world, confirms excessively high amounts of aluminium, barium strontium and many other toxins.
In comparison with stated normal amounts  of aluminum found in the air.

(Quote) …..Levels of aluminum in the air generally range from 0.005 to 0.18 micrograms (1 microgram, ?g, equals a millionth of a gram, 1 gram equals 0.0022 pound) of aluminum per cubic meter of air (0.005–0.18 ?g/m3 or 0.00018 mg/L) , depending on location, weather conditions, and level of industrial activity in the area. Most of the aluminum in the air is in the form of small suspended particles of soil (dust). Aluminum levels in urban and industrial areas may be higher and can range from 0.4 to 8.0 ?g/m3 ….”
or (0.008 mg/l) [ 740.00 mg/L Alu content recorded in Rain water analysis from London- in studies from Wrights Patterson Airforce Laboratory just 5.0 mg/l caused harm to cellular function in the lungs]
The amount of aluminum you breathe in a day is much less than you consume in food. You may breathe in higher levels of aluminum in dust if you live in areas where the air is dusty, where aluminum is mined or processed into aluminum metal, or near certain hazardous waste sites.

The concentration of aluminum in natural waters (e.g., ponds, lakes, streams) is generally below 0.1 milligrams/liter (mg/L) (1 milligram, mg, equals one thousandth of a gram) unless the water is very acidic. …..” quote from The Encyclopedia of Earth,
An example of the rain water analysis in South London…..the aluminum content of rain  (  a massive 740mg/l) ,   is attributed to the content of aluminum in the air at the point of precipitation.

SW London Rain Water Analysis

NOTE : There are five different types of flyers for free to print out and use to raise awareness…. we can all do something to help no matter how big or small….. please download and share at any given chance…………PEACE 4 ALL

Do you consent Y/N………. Don’t Care ?


Or alternatively you can download from here….

Is there a toxic tipping point approaching as the accumulative toxins build up in ” Mother Nature”..?

The trees are well documented to be suffering all over the world, is this because of the massive toxic saturation of the nano particles sprayed for almost 20 years..?

Here are links  that explains some of the investigations into the effects of nano particles  of metals on plant life…

(pictures taken first day of summer -21 June 2013)














( It  not likely  global warming…… but likely it’s  chemtrail spraying. )

Until tests can be conclusive, we can only speculate as too whether  aluminum is the cause, however the numerous rain water analysis from concerned chemtrail activists repeatedly confirm an excessively higher than normal content of aluminum that should not be present in rain water,  period.  Has aluminum been researched to damage trees and plant life…?

….Unlike other recent reviews on Al toxicity that deal primarily with agronomic
species (Rhue 1979, Zottl 1983, Haug 1983, Roy et al. 1988), this review will focus
on Al phytotoxicity in trees. Because there are few papers on mechanistic aspects of
Al toxicity in trees, we have selectively drawn information from studies with
agricultural crops to elucidate certain topics.
Physiological aspects of Al-plant interactions
Aluminum uptake
Uptake of Al has not been studied in sufficient detail to develop a satisfactory
mechanistic understanding of the processes involved. Initially, Al uptake by roots is
primarily a non-metabolic process and involves the binding of Al to organic components
(Schaedle et al. 1986), or the precipitation of Al as inorganic phosphate salts
(McCormick and Borden 1972) within the roots. Binding is very rapid (Clarkson
1965, Rorison 196.5, Fleming and Foy 1968, Rasmussen 1968, Wagatsuma 1983) and
is usually concentration dependent (Wagatsuma 1983, Schaedle et al. 1986). When
exposed for 30 minutes to 1 mM Al at 1 ‘C, honeylocust and loblolly pine seedlings
accumulated 76 and 60%, respectively, of the Al accumulated in 4 hours. At 22 OC,
the two species accumulated in 4 hours 20-30% of the Al accumulated in 3.5 days
(Schaedle et al. 1986). Wagatsuma (1983) reported that root tissue was nearly
saturated with Al after a 30-h exposure.
Non-metabolic uptake of Al in honeylocust and loblolly pine is probably apoplastic.
The Al cannot be removed by rinsing with dilute CaCl2 solutions, indicating that
it is not associated with ion exchange sites in the root.
Twenty-four to 40% of the Al uptake in honeylocust and loblolly pine is by a
metabolic pathway. Aniol(l983) found that Al absorption by wheat is also partly by
a metabolic pathway. Metabolically accumulated Al may enter the cell by calcium or
magnesium membrane transport systems…..”

Find the complete document here:

There have been extensive studies done over the last 20 years searching for biotechnological solutions to increase aluminum resistance in plants….such as ….

Received 15 March 2006; Accepted 30 August 2006
The rhizotoxicity of aluminium at low-pH with Al
and at
high pH with Al
as the main Al species was
studied. Aluminium reduced root growth to similar levels
at pH 8.0 and pH 4.3, although the mononuclear Al con-
centration at pH 8.0 was three times lower than at pH 4.3.
Al contents of root apices were much higher at pH 8 than
at pH 4.3. Callose was induced only marginally at pH 8
and the formation was confined to the epidermis,
whereas it proceeded through the cortex with time at
pH 4.3. Well-documented genotypical differences in
callose formation and Al accumulation could not be
found at pH 8. The largest fraction of the root-tip Al was
recovered in the cell-wall fraction independent of the
solution pH. A sequential extraction of isolated cell walls
suggests that most of the cell-wall Al was precipitated
at pH 8.0. This can be explained by a drastic pH
reduction in the root apoplastic sap to 6.2, whereas at
bulk solution pH 4.3 it rose to 5.6. Al precipitation was
also confirmed by the microscopic localization of Al. At
pH 8, Al could mostly be found in the epidermis, but in
the apoplast of the outer cortex at pH 4.3. It is proposed
here that at pH 4.3, Al
inhibits root growth through
binding to sensitive binding sites in the apoplast of the
epidermis and the outer cortex. At pH 8, Al(OH)
cipitation in the epidermis causes a mechanical barrier

thus impairing the root-growth control of the epidermis

It is known that 50% of the Bees around the world have gone…..some say that it is pesticides but some reports strongly suggest that the EMF radiation from mobile phones, wifi and HAARP used in conjunction with the aerial sprays…

(nano particles= semi conductors) EMF saturation is the real reason for BEE loss.

Global warming, the agenda or climate change as it is now more commonly referred to,  following the climategate scandals of the UK Climate research Centre…

Global warming is not as it is portrayed, it is likely a carefully orchestrated fraud to claim it is from the normal anthropogenic activities of man, omitting the secretive,  far reaching weather and climate  experimentation over the decades.

The climate change , characterized by extreme weather is most likely being forced by military programs and geoengineering…( there is revealing quote by an influential think tank called The Club of Rome indicating a mass deception….

The common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

– Club of Rome

Details found here….

To understand the scale of deception and the motivation for fooling the world into accepting the far reaching programs following the global warming or climate change agenda, one has to understand the immense profit and control that is being made. One of the most influential NGO’s in the US, which according to Hilary Clinton ( instructs US policy.  is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
Here is a video, exposing the intimate involvement of the CFR in geoengineering and the admission to spending tens of millions to confuse the public on Global Warming….

The Vikings were growing Barley in Greenland up until the 14thC,, indicating that
the climate was warmer then.  Following this warmer period,  during the middle ages, there was a well documented mini ice age….

… the cycles and changes had nothing to do with the industrial activities back then,  so why take the blame now? Who is cashing in and benefitting?

There are also scientists researching the effects of the sun’s activities on Earth’s climate and in fact on all the planets of our solar system…

In this short clip a scientist explains using geology,  that the current climate claims initiating widespread catastrophic fear mongering surrounding global warming are unfounded….

Once again suggesting that there may be an alternate agenda and reinforces that the obvious fact that our planet,  should be left alone to self regulate.
[Note: like we the people? ]

There, is little doubt that the greedy industrialists over the years, have had scant regard for the welfare of Mother Earth. Changed the way the masses operate against the harmony with nature for a more controllable, profitable system to benefit the very few at the top of the system. The fact that the industrialists agendas were very toxic and transformed our planet is a toxic benefit to those that understand how to profit.

How widespread could the Geoengineering program on a global scale…? (click on)


The Club of Rome, a NGO think tank have along with others ( Report from Iron Mountain) stated that humanity will be coerced into believing that humanity is it’s own enemy. A useful insight can be found here.

So what is the globalists response to this global warming agenda, after frightening everyone with scary scenarios of catastrophic disaster..? To master the climate, to control the climate which has been named “ Geoengineering”.

Using Wikipedia only because many people will see this quote first,

……what is geoengineering….?

“….. Climate engineering, an application of geoengineering, is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system with the aim of reducing global warming…..”

There are different aspects to geoengineering but what is most relevant here is

Solar Radiation Management or SRM….. the UK government, along with other governments are taking the lead to promote SRM. The UK government have set up a NGO specifically to promote and lobby other nations to adopt SRM.

This was following an in depth report , The Fifth Report on the Regulations for Geoengineering.

and the American equivalent

Solar Radiation Management will involve aeroplanes  spraying nanoparticles of heavy metals into the atmosphere using the Welsbach patent…

Cost analysis for the world wide program evaluated here

Following the UK governments report, not only did they set up the but also set up a program at the University of Oxford, St. Martins College.

Mona Norman, Olga raffa and myself went to Oxford with the intention of talking with some of those involved in the Geoengineering program and eventually got directed to a faculty at 64 Banbury Road, Oxford. The normal facilities of the Geoengineering program were being refurbished and we were re-directed here. This was not actually that program but as luck would have it, the department focused on the governance of Geoengineering. Fortunately, we were able to talk with the lady working there and she agreed that the Governance for the Regulations of Geoengineering were at an advanced stage. Therefore, it seems that SRM is almost ready to be put overtly into action. SRM involves spraying reflective nano particles of metals – alumina to reflect away the sun’s heat…like a shield.

However, being that I am a builder/philosopher myself and with little scientific background except for some A-levels, I rely on my practical problem solving skills.

SRM is about blocking out the sun and the obvious possible problems….the reduction of photosynthesis ….

  Volcanoes can be accurately dated from the past using “ Dendrochronology”, the study of tree rings. The tree ring at the time of an eruption is particularly fine, which reflects the limited growth during the period the sun was blocked by the atmospheric volcanic aerosols that SRM is designed to mimic…???

Also vitamin D deficiency is now commonplace ( Rickets is back)

There are many indications why SRM would be no silver bullet….if we compare the nano particle shield to being one of those space blankets from survival packs….if the foil blanket is not entirely blocking out the sun’s rays it will also act to trap the heat in, thereby increasing the problem. The Blanket cover or shield would have to be complete to block out these radiation effects….by the way… in my humble opinion, this geoengineering plan is sheer madness.

The  Royal Society funded NGO: Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI) indict themselves about the deliberate manipulation of the public in their own notes….
“….Involve general public because
a) they pay for it,                                           [ Note: present tense ]
b) they have the power to stop it.                   [ Note: we can & must ]
Keep them informed on what GE (geoengineering) is for,
but don’t necessarily ask their permission …..”             [ Note: do NOT consent  ]
see screenshot below taken from
SRMGI in house recomendations

There are many efforts by the establishment to push this SRM into the public consciousness. There are two American scientists in particular that do the promoting tours. Like Geoengineering celebrities . They are professors David Keith and Ken Caldeira (ex-nuclear scientist). These guy’s literally tour the world attending conferences and taking every public speaking or media opportunity to praise the big climate control program. The media, press and TV appear to definitely be pushing the government line to pursue this program. Professor David Keith was asked if “alumina”, which is aluminum oxide (AL2O3) the preferred cheap choice to spray with, was dangerous to health or the environment…????

At that point ( 2001), well into the promotion tour, he stated to be very clear that no research had confirmed the effects of the alumina on health and environment. He also stated that this was a risk -risk decision…and that there would be winners and losers ….and that the effects are slow to accumulate, our health might not be noticeably affected and that it is like “free-riding on our grandkids”.

Well at that time there was some research into the effects of aluminum Nano Particles (NP) on the cells in the lungs.

Since then I have found another more recent document from Wrights Patterson Air Force Research Laboratory confirming that aluminum can be found in jet fuels and the detrimental effects of the Alu NP on the immune system.

There are many, many studies into the negative affects of Al NP exposure. The exposure of aluminum nano particles is not only detrimental to humans but all animal life and obviously including plants and trees as well. I will share with you a reasonable selection of “across the species”, of various local plants and trees to emphasize that something other than bugs or disease is causing immune system breakdown ( 21 June to 30 July)…..could this be the toxic overload of an approaching accumulative chemtrail spraying fallout tipping point….????




There has been extensive research into the genetic elements of plants that have natural resistance to aluminum, so that the biotech industry can profit from GMO, with a saturated alu nano particle scenario by supplying the world with resistant GMO or actually “control” the world’s supply of food if their GMO’s are the only feasible supply.

There are so many investigations into aluminum resistance , that it is clear that there are mature conclusions and solutions within the Biotech industry.

As aluminum is abundant in the Earths’s crust (but is volatile and toxic), it binds to other elements and becomes safer…and has not been significantly affected farming for thousands of years….Is it fair to draw on the assumption that they are working to provide solutions for modern problems..?

Think that commercial domination of food  supply is not a valid motive, apart from Monsanto’s pledge to supply the world’s food, understand that not only do the USA government introduce new laws The Monsanto Act to protect these Biotech companies but also the EU are introducing a new draft law to criminalise home growers and monitor all seed used to grow food…?

This will be linked to the incremental implementation of the UN Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development program to enslave humanity….to be continued in depth later.

So why are the rain water lab analysis, of so many chemtrails activists all over the world showing spikes in Aluminum that just should not be there.? Along with other metals and toxins…? Hundreds of samples have been taken to independent labs (one of mine to the local government lab). Some concerned people have even had their blood, hair, and finger nails tested with conclusive confirmation of much higher than average (normal?) amounts of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Manganese and many other toxic metals and pathogens.

It is believed that  the spikes  are because of the exposure to the air, water and food that has been contaminated by spraying programs from the  various jets. This includes reports that military jets, dedicated chemtrail fleets and most compromising,  co-opted commercial airlines. It is rumoured that low cost aircraft carriers with large new fleets survive from these covert government contracts.

Is this true…?

Well, as you must know by now, I have been very active in raising awareness to the likelihood, this is the case , we get chemtrails sprayed. I have been prolific in filming and posting to You Tube , my channel is  “MrMaxBliss ” , researching and sharing my findings.

This has prompted an anonymous informant from within the co-opted commercial airline sector to contact me.

At first, I was skeptical as have been the target of the disinformation/debunking sites that have been in place for years. The debunking sites pay special attention to people developing a following and sharing information. This can involve very negative attention and nasty comments. The main sites are Contrail Science and Metabunk , which are actually COINTELLPRO. These have expensive running costs and are constantly manned covering hundreds of comments daily. They are extensive sites and I do confess to finding leads to research as they literally comment on every thread of chemtrail inquiry on the net. Their goals seem to be, to discredit or dissuade any flags raised toward chemtrailing or clandestine weather modification.

The emails sent to me by the anonymous informant certainly appeared genuine and as we continued my trust developed.

Here is the first email, at times I will omit some info that may be too sensitive and paraphrase where required.


The time has come to come clean. Hopefully what I write here will help end the world-wide atrocity that I have been a part of. I know that what I say will shock many, but seeing that you seem to be almost there with uncovering the truth, the sooner this is out in the open the better.

So you know, I am a management pilot with one of the carriers that has figured in your videos; I am involved in the regulatory side of things, which is required because since just about everything we do in these spraying programs is illegal according to the CAA and JAA regulations, if a pilot becomes aware of what we are doing he or she will come to me first and I, supposedly, take it from there. Surprisingly very few of our pilots have become aware of the program, but your videos have alarmed the small group of managers I report to, and I fear the cat may soon be out of the bag.

At first I thought you had actually cracked it. From your latest videos you have accurately identified the method of getting the Al2O3 into the atmosphere, but not where it is stored. Right in the middle of most airliners, apart from the very short range ones, is the CWT or centre-wing fuel tank. As aircraft are fuelled, the tanks in the wings are always fuelled first to preserve what is know as favourable wing bending moments. Unless the aircraft is scheduled for a long-range flight, the centre wing tanks are empty and can be isolated if required by the use of shut-off and cross-feed valves.

Doing it this way allows us to accurately load the right amount of the material and avoid overloading the aircraft, which is a safety risk, particularly on take off. You are correct about the TMA. Other methods of delivery required too much in the way of pumps and switches, which meant too many people would notice what was going on. Under the guise of fitting an inerting system, which is automatic and has no cockpit controls, we can pressurize the CWT enough so that once a simple valve is actuated remotely, the TMA is drawn through the lines by the pressure differential and flows into the exhaust where it does its thing. And doing it this way has only one drawback, it limits “spray flights” by us and other airlines to shorter range flights but that is just a matter of scheduling and logistics.

Really the only people who need to be involved are the people who empty the honey-cart who must purge the TMA system after use; they are required to wear protective clothing for the honeycart job which also covers them for accidental exposure to TMA; and the refuellers who must configure the fuel system from a panel under the wing; have you ever wondered why most refuelling systems have two pipes attached to the wings?

Extraneous weight issues are handled by a small team of flight dispatchers, who exclusively handle the spraying flights. Some time before each flight they check the destination, alternate and departure airports, the planned loads and make sure that the prevailing winds will guarantee that the runways most likely to be used have a performance safety “pad” that will compensate for the extra weight that the pilots are unaware of. If there is any doubt then the TMA will not be loaded. Some other safety precautions include adjusting FMC stall margin values so the pilots do not climb too high for their REAL weight which could cause a high altitude stall. One of the ways we realised that was a problem was graphically illustrated back in 2009. Guess what I am talking about…

Under this program, I have personally been subjected to death threats should I ever reveal what is happening. Low level personnel are simply trained to do the job and have no real idea what is happening. Little do people realise that those doing what are considered menial jobs, refuelling and “waste disposal” are paid very handsomely for what they do, and their general ignorance means they don’t ask any questions. I guess that is just as well because they are monitored 24/7.

By doing this I hope to end the fear and guilt I and others have been suffering. Long ago I was spun a tale about how this program was a beneficial thing for the world and I believed with all my heart. Eventually, after much soul searching.. I realised the evil in which I was such an integral part….”

[reminder to what chemtrails and the effects of HAARP look like…. does it look normal and natural…? ]

before and after HAARP

I am sure as a first time reader, you may be questioning is this real…? Well of course the emails are real and genuinely sent from who knows where, the techy people can deduce that.

I have done a great deal of research, the reason the whistleblower contacted me is because of my recent physical investigation when taking a flight, of one of the carriers I have seen spraying. I took photos and remembering much of the likely technical possibilities made assumptions and speculated on the likely system used.


I contacted one of the internet radio shows I have been on and they ran a show rendering the pictures and my ideas. I was a little too quick and made mistakes, actually very basic mistakes. However, according to my new potential source I was actually close to revealing the system of delivery. I have read that Trimethylauminium is a likely fuel additive that form these new persistent smokey jet trails and has been tested back in 1958.

Also I have found a very indicative document from 1965 which clearly is stating, the development of Trimethyaluminum TMA or TEA for use to be sprayed with aeroplanes to dicharge smoke in trails
( sound like chemtrails or SRM…?)








graph opacity


Many people can easily see that the sky has changed…the colur blue is different, the massive increase in clouds and of course the new persistent jet trails. The links to Geoengineering and the hundreds of rain water analysis certainly suggest there are massive spikes in Alu, Barium, Strontium and other toxic elements. Is Aluminum dangerous to our atmosphere….?

The following document clearly suggests that the Ozone could be a victim of overexposure to Geoengineering SRM, with aluminum Oxide causing serious damage and we all have a problem if there is depleted Ozone……

After getting this first email it was quite a surprise, especially as I had just traveled on a flight and investigated more closely for myself at possible systems on an airline I have filmed spraying long persistent trails that, were not there just a few years ago.

Could Trimethyaluminum be used…? Well there is a problem it is a pyrophoric material which makes it a fire hazard and even explosive when in contact with the air. However, I have come across an old NASA document from 1958, which demonstrates the research and familiarity within aviation…. ” Use of Highly Reactive Chemical Additives to Improve Afterburner Performance at Altitude “.

This is not definitive by any means but does confirm that TMA was used with aircraft over fifty years ago….have they learned a thing or two since 1958..?

I also did a quick check to see if there was a additive mix for Trimethylaluminum with jet fuel. I did not find a definitive answer but I found out that TMA is very unstable as it is pyrophoric and can be supplied stored in ” n-Hexane ” at 15% TMA additive to make it safer to use.

So what is ” n-Hexane ” ?

About 85% of the aviation fuel used by the military is JP-4. JP-4 contains about 22% n-hexane and less than 0.5% benzene. [ATSDR Case Studies # 32]
Both JP-4 and JP-7 contain n-hexane, and peripheral neuropathy has been reported in chronically exposed workers. About one half of workers exposed to 500 ppm report symptoms of acute solvent intoxication, i.e., headache and giddiness. An evaluation of 12 workers with such symptoms after cleaning jet fuel cells failed to find any abnormalities of liver function tests. [ATSDR Case Studies # 32] Aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons cause trivial hepatic injury in animal experiments. [Haddad, 226t] See “Kerosene.”

This certainly started to fit. Is it likely that they do indeed use 15% TMA in n-hexane, which is almost a quarter (22%) content of jet fuel…?

I believe that TMA is very expensive….but paper money does not cost much to print, if you have the right banking connections…? Quantitative ease the cost of paper and ink…?

Having read that the TMA or TEA fuel additive is pyrophoric and is dangerous when in contact with air, there have to measures taken. One is to saturate it in a carrier oil material such as n-Hexane and another significant requirement would be to have inert storage tanks and pressurised fuel lines. Coincidently, many of the planes with Centrail Wing Tanks,(CWT) do have a new inerting Nitrogen Enriched Air (NEA) system. This can be either topped up with nitogen tanks on the ground or there are in flight NEA systems that do keep the CWT inert. This would be suitable for fuel laced with a small percentage of pyrophoric fuel additive. In 1996, flight TWA800, tragically exploded over sea not long after take off.
This fatal incident has had some conspiracies attached to it. The explosion was reported to have started about the CWT…?,d.d2k

Boeing’s set up….

Another leading study of fuel tank explosions and reccomendations

[ Note : it appears that only the CWT is inerted now, not the wing tanks….is this correct..? ]

I have also come across an interesting export license query regarding the dual use ( military and civilian) category of the export of planes and their engines, which has lead my research to find some interesting possibilities.,d.d2k

Now PLEASE let it be clear, without disclosure, all of this information shared, is speculation. The research represented is our best efforts to uncover the facts from an ordinary, everyday person, I am not claiming to be an expert or have definitive answers.

The letter’s description of the relevant details, require some investigation and I may a good thread of inquiry , it may be accurately connected or not.

technical Notes

Now following the ” Dual Use” ( military or civilian use) line , I came across an interesting exchange of letters, which recommend changes to the descriptions of the details fro the export license. For those also investigating the possible players in the spraying programs, may well have already considered these companies but I hope these letters may be indicative for further study. ( print off)

( The Dual use investigation is still to be verified and is a speculative line of investigation.)

So onto the next email……I have purposefully left out some of the pictures for obvious reasons….

“……Hello Max

This message contains some graphics which if released, may expose my identity to those in the know. How that is handled by you is critical. I will let you know what you can share and what is for your eyes only. Secrecy is still very essential at this time.

My well being depends on it.

Earlier I told you about the unease regarding the use of TMA. Some of the reasons are obvious. Some not so. At the core of some of the problems is the cost of producing it in worthwhile quantities. Google some of the companies that sell it for an idea about how much just one spray flight must cost the taxpayer.

Europe is a problem because the vast majority of flights flown in the Eurozone are made by smaller aircraft such as the ones my company fly. Intercontinental, and longer range flights are more efficient because they are done by larger jets which can actually carry aluminium oxide in raw form. I will also explain how that is done in this message.

So…. as management, by law, we are not allowed to dictate to our captains how much fuel they carry on any particular flight. As professionals they know that fuel is expensive and they generally do not over-order but we must devise methods to ensure they do not order so much fuel for a particular flight so as to require the unused capacity of the CWT.

Control of this factor is done by using scheduling and logistics as explained earlier, and also by what is called the minimum equipment list, or MEL’s. On every aircraft, this is a list of defects that can be legally carried on a flight. Nowadays, all aircraft have a lot of redundancy built in to all their systems to allow for this. The MEL list allows aircraft to fly with minor defects and then be repaired in scheduled downtime.

Here is a photo of the MEL we use to allow the aircraft to fly, but prohibits using the CWT.


Earlier I told you how the CWT needs to be isolated so the TMA can be loaded. Reading this MEL you can see that even if one of these valves isn’t working then the CWT cannot be used in normal flight. Every flight that we use to spray carries this bogus MEL. Any suspicion by pilots that we carry this MEL too often is managed by making sure that no captain is rostered for a spray flight more than once a month. Rostering is tightly controlled by management. Every operator of the aircraft we fly has this MEL list so you may release this information.

Now to the larger aircraft. One of the problems with the smaller aircraft is that their cargo compartments are only designed to load passenger baggage and maybe a small amount of parcels via hand and a belt loader. Consequently there is no extra room in them for tanks/pumps etc required for really large scale spraying. Having this restriction means going down the TMA route, with all its attendant problems.

Extra negative factors include the impossibility of hiding the weight of large amounts of aluminium oxide from pilots on the smaller aircraft. “Meth”, as it is known by the few of us intimately involved, weighs less than the equivalent amount of fuel, so there is no real problem there. The extra weight is hidden by the methods explained earlier. Really large scale spraying however requires a bigger solution. Among the other problems of TMA is that aluminium oxide is only one of the byproducts created when TMA combusts, so burning a kilo of it creates much less than a kilo of AL2O3.

Intercontinental sized aircraft have advantages that are the answer to these problems. Like their smaller cousins, they can also carry TMA using the same systems if required, and more of it. Some, like the earlier domestic version of the 767 do not have a CWT, but most do.

High capacity aircraft like the A380, 747, A340, 777, A330 and the ER versions of the 767 all have the two things that make them ideal for large scale spraying. One is a large volume CWT and the other is two large capacity cargo compartments where aluminium oxide, mixed into a slurry with methanol, (for dispersion) can be loaded inside specially converted ULD (Unit Loading Device) containers.

When a spray flight is scheduled, a calculation is made by specially trained flight dispatchers as to the availability of payload weight that can be used for spraying. Early in the process, it is determined if both aluminium oxide and TMA can be used; just TMA for longer flights or if there is no spraying availability; generally this occurs on ULH (ultra long haul) flights.

At all times the weight limitations of the aircraft must be observed. Safety is paramount; the risks of TMA notwithstanding. You can see a loading message below. I cannot allow you to publicly disclose this because it is proprietary and was an actual flight, and may endanger a sympathetic contact I have in another company.


Some of this is a bit arcane but bear with me. In line 8 you can see a value called the Zero Fuel Weight. This is the key to making sure pilots do not know they are carrying spray material and still keeping the aircraft safe. The ZFW is the weight of the entire aircraft, including passengers and freight, minus the fuel. On the right of the actual value is the regulatory maximum that this value can be, on this particular aircraft type it is 175000 kgs.

For this particular flight, you can see that the ZFW was almost at the maximum value. On this particular day, the weight of the passengers and freight carried, (the total traffic load in line 6), which the pilot has no means to physically check, was altered to reflect the weight of the passengers and cargo PLUS the spray material, in this case both aluminium oxide and TMA.

One major advantage of this system is that it is foolproof from a safety point of view. Landing with spray material still on board, say in the event the remotely operated release valve failed, could mean big trouble if that weight was not accounted for by the pilot on landing. You can see that if the material sprays correctly, the aircraft will actually be much lighter for landing than the pilot realises, but all that means is that the landing is much safer from an operational point of view. On the other hand if the valve failed (rare but it has happened) the weight of the material is procedurally (but unknowingly) accounted for by the pilots in their landing distance calculations that they must carry out, and therefore the risk of a landing over-runs is negated.

Under this system, the critical speeds that are always calculated for a safe take-off are also inherently correct.

Now to look how all this is done in practice. All large aircraft are refuelled from a single point, by convention, usually under the left wing. In the following photos you can see the twin hoses that are used, and if you look very carefully at the CF6 engine in the background and the foreground in the second , you will see the same spray nozzles that are present on the 737 engines.

I took these photos myself at a large European airport, they are not proprietary so you may distribute them, or get your own CF6 photos off the net. Visually, the spray pipes are small but they have high capacity pumps inside the pylon (inside the white access panel on the pylon) which forces out large quantities of material in a small amount of time if required. Energy is diverted from the exhaust gas stream to power these pumps…. they are simple, foolproof, operate continuously when the engine is running and require no flight deck control.

Going with this system means that flexibility is maintained. Using TMA for longer range flights, loading can be done using the second hose. Lines carrying TMA and their access points, are part of just about all airports. Located only at the left hand wing, to keep the operation as simple as possible, they are pressurised to reduce the chance of air getting into them with the inevitable results. In the case of non TMA flights, the second hose is just there for show and is not being actually used.

But in the case of aluminium oxide, the weight and bulk of the material means that this method cannot be used. Loading aluminium is done by the modified ULD container method. Even this method however has its safety considerations which must be followed.

Cargo loading is critical and must take into account the weight and balance restrictions that all aircraft have. Real problems can be caused by mis-loading as the aluminium oxide slurry is very heavy. Every flight, even non spraying flights, must have containers loaded in correct sequences to avoid balance errors.

Duty load dispatchers aren’t required to know what is in the containers, just what each one weighs in order to get the sequence correct. ULDs that are modified for spray purposes are always loaded first at either cargo door (locations pictured below). Loading them this way is essential because they have pipe arrangements which hook into the onboard spray system, and the heaviest containers must go as close as possible to the C of G as you can see from this proprietary diagram… (not to be released.)


One can see that CPT 2 and 3 have the heaviest allowable weights, 20 and 15 tonnes respectively which is fortunate because they are the areas that must be used by the modified ULD containers. ULD use is ubiquitous and the modified ones can be found at holding areas at airports around the world if one knows what one is looking for. Suffice to say, if you are looking for evidence about how ULDs can be modified, check out “envirotainer” and imagine how simple it would be to do the required modifications.

Using the ADSB system, the inflight position of the aircraft is always known by spray controllers. New ATC procedures mean that the position of spray aircraft are always broadcast to satellite receivers that sites such as FlightRadar24 do not have access to. Spraying, even over oceans, can therefore be targeted very accurately and efficiently.

Knowing all this is a heavy burden I now wish to pass on to others. Every day has become a trial for me. Please us this information wisely. Trust is important..for the reasons we both know so well. I cannot meet you till this is out in the open, hopefully these disclosures will be the tipping point for you. Can you disseminate this as widely as possible, without the info that must remain confidential? All I long for is an end to this guilt.

Leaving it with you now, in hope……”


29 Responses to “” Corpus Delicti ” with Mr Max Bliss and The Chemtrail Files”

  1. Tomi Glover August 3, 2013 at 9:18 pm #

    I have so much hate inside me that I feel like Im losing the mental ability to control it. Everyday I see something dying around me . Everyday I pray for one more day just to ride my beautiful horse because I know he doesnt have long before his lungs will start to fail. The trees in my local mountains are already past the ability to recover even if they stopped now. Its to late ,its to late, and my broken heart will lead to a revengeful and hateful end, and I just really dont have a speak of sympathy for this man. Sometimes theres things more important than ones own life. He has waited to long and now our beautiful blue planet is in very grave danger, and as far as Hubble can see, cant find another like her.

    • Tomi Glover August 3, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

      ps every pilot flying these grid patterns knows exactly what hes doing, and humanity will find them.

      • Rod Martin, Jr. August 5, 2013 at 10:30 am #

        Tomi, I wish it were that simple. It’s quite possible that some of the pilots are merely following orders and do not know what they’re doing (military). Or they’ve been given a sales job by their superiors and made to think they’re doing a great service to humanity.

        The best we can do is to spread the word and make more people aware. When those pilots stumble upon the alternate “theory” of what they’re doing, they will start to question their own actions and perhaps even investigate and become a whistleblower.

        Those pilots who are truly evil will find their reward in time.

  2. antonina bosticco August 3, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

    At last, a whistle blower ! had to happen sooner or later, lets hope it’s not too late. Again, thank you for your tireless work on our behalf and lets hope this will blow wide open. ajtrinity3000

  3. Sue Miller August 4, 2013 at 1:38 am #

    Thank you so very much for this Max. Let’s hope it’s not too late, although I am very much of the same mind as Tomi. I am angry and I am sickened, both literally and figuratively, by the destruction of Mother Earth. I fear our planet is irreversably damaged. Beyond repair.
    My hope has slowly disappeared over the years since I began to record, document and investigate chemtrails and geo engineering/climate control in the mid 2000’s, almost ten years ago.
    All we can do if find more whistle blowers and get the truth out to EVERYONE.
    Again, thank you for doing what you do.

    Oh, and also everyone!! ORGONITE!!!!

  4. paulmacz August 4, 2013 at 4:40 am #

    Yes!!!! Thank you Mr Whistleblower for having the courage to come forward and share with us, this will be a great lever in bringing the tipping point forward, Cheers and keep up the good work – Paul Mac

  5. timyak August 4, 2013 at 3:31 pm #

    Great work Max. I run the facebook group at … Please feel free to post any new content you produce here at my group in order to spread your information as far and wide as possible. Keep up the good work buddy.
    Tim Iacono

  6. James Wiki August 5, 2013 at 10:32 am #

    very informative and plus some good links provided,and also thanks to the whistleblower max good work mate keep it up and ill help spread this also, all the best..

  7. bethchillingworth August 5, 2013 at 2:42 pm #

    Never lose hope, Our god given planet mother is stronger than you think, i beleive that she will prevail.. with love&all gods forces.

  8. bethchillingworth August 5, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    certainly, every pilot who makes their marks like grids must know what they are doin!?? or are the military sending up a bunch of kids to pass a test?? However this mother of ours she is god given &very strong… so let us not lose hope… judgement will come to those who disrespect gods laws.. i believe that ,its just a matter of time.

  9. AntiTerrorAtheist August 5, 2013 at 10:13 pm #

    Reblogged this on AntiTerrorAthiest.

  10. mcon August 6, 2013 at 7:40 am #

    Hooray to the hard work done by Mr Max Bliss, and to the courageous efforts of the whistle blower in bringing this crime out into the open finally!!

  11. Conrad August 8, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

    Finally some discussion and revelation as it seems not a popular topic. Finding a parking spot in a busy Walmart seems a larger priority than taking note of all the spraying going on overhead. I have decided to take action and created a citizen reporting mechanism so that people can test their rainwater and the results will be posted on the map for all to see.
    This currently applies to US/Canada but global reporting is possible on this map. Bear with me, Project Raindrop is in it’s infancy but feel free to contact me if you wish to take rain samples and post the lab results on the map. Very good Mr. Max, the momentum against this crime is building.

  12. John Johnson August 12, 2013 at 5:33 am #

    Cut the umbiLLical cord that feeds the MacHine and free yourseLves from oppreSSion….

  13. Soul Sister Sue... August 27, 2013 at 2:09 pm #

    Peace and Love Max, you took a lot of time and effort to put this together.. wonderful job very informative.. will paste everyday for new and old friends… You inspired me to become a weather warfare reporter too.. We are all Weather Warfare Reporters each and everyone one of us.. We have a duty to the children of the world to stop this attack on the Earth and Humanity as a whole..We will never stop until we have won.. Bravo Bravo Bravo Max Bliss and everyone else.. Weather Warfare Reporter Soul Sister Sue and Just John Western North Carolina USA Peace and Love Peace and Love…………..

  14. Bengt P September 6, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    Hello Mr Max Bliss!

    Last night I saw your excellent You Tube video about the VERY strange fly route of the Bluebird Cargo plane with reg TF-BBH hade made indeed on the Flightradar24 site. That inspired my to check out the plane my self and very amazenly…the same airplane ones again made a superstrange route of grid patterns, just as chemtrailplanes use to do!

    In the Flightradar24 from the night of 2013-09-06 it was stated that the plane should make a route from Liege to Lisbon with flight nr: TAY246C, but in playback on the Flightradar24 the plane is intercepted 03.02 in the middle of the night nearby Brussel, where it suddenly appears to make a turn over London and then back to France and doing straitline grids back and forth…then suddely turning southwest and do a run over the ocean outside France…where it suddely turns back again over France…and then doing the same route grid pattern severel times…before in the end heading towards Portugal 05.00 GMT

    Please, check out the the playback recording and see for your selfs from the night of 2013-09-06, and from 03.02 GMT:

    Either the transponder of the TF–BBH plane has a serious “glitch” in its operatition mode correspondenting with Flightradar24 data, or a 5 year child kidnapped the plane just to have “some fun with” over Europe and all the ATC guys working just went to sleep last night – other then that it can not be other then hard valueable proofs of the chemtrails operation caught in action!!

    All that proptet me to write a mail to the Islandic company to day..who is the owner of Bluebird Cargo plane TF-BHH and demanded an answer about the very strange route pattern the plane had made over Europe and how it is even possible that Europe ATC Center could give fly clearence at ALL for such strange route behavore, when it was on a direct fly route from Liege to Lisbon by the Flightradar24 data?? How is or could.. the plane even be allowed by ATC to fly over London and back…when it instead should by directed to fly with navigation beacons points by a pre-destionation “route-plan” from A-B?? It can only mean otherwise.. that ATC center is in co-coperation with this chemtrail operation and give permission for the TF-BBH plane to fly over Europe “as it wishes by its own accord”..OR the transponder as a major “glitch” in its data-sending to the Flightradar24 source, but as non of the other aircraft looked at over Europe yesterday displayed any kind of what so ever..

    Keep up the good work Max, the truth will soon be displayed for everyone in the world, making the dark ones lose its powers completely in the end!

    The divine Light Workers Organisation is by your infinite support.

    Bengt P.

  15. douktris January 15, 2014 at 4:28 pm #

    Reblogged this on Douktris's Blog.

  16. blissmax January 25, 2014 at 12:58 pm #

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    […] Many pilots are starting to come clean as the reality of chemtrails becomes more widely acknowledged. Although institutionally denied by corrupt, untrustworthy governments affiliated with NATO countries people are waking up everywhere …all around the world…Toxic trails litter the skyline. European airways have been busy for the last 50 years… London, Heathrow the busiest airport in the world but there are no genuine main stream media images pre 1990 of these CONtrail littered skies on London that are common place today…. there was sufficient air traffic for many decades pre-1990′s but why no CONtrails like today on old TV programs, sport telecasts such as horse racing etc…, Newspaper pictures never showing the persistent contrails in the past so what is different with atmospheric physics these days….???? Why did a rain water analysis 2012 of SW London have 740 mg/l of aluminum…? When there should be virtually none…the normal amount of aluminum in the air over an industrial area or large city is just 0.008mg/litre….tests have shown that just 5mg/l of aluminum breath into the lungs will damage the function of cells in the lungs… IS THIS BECAUSE THERE ARE CLANDESTINE NO CONSENSUAL SPRAYING of the metallic nano particles that are suggested to be used with Solar Radiation Management, Geoengineering program aggressively being pushed by the UK government and others..? Further details and research to consider at… […]

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